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About Us

Who is TalentWise?

TalentWise is a technology company that has completely transformed one of the most critical tasks that every company depends upon for success – hiring new employees. TalentWise automates the hiring process from start to finish with compliance built in, allowing HR to manage offers, screening, and onboarding activities with just a single solution.

What Does TalentWise Solve for HR Organizations?

Our solution, TalentWise Hire has simplified the hiring process, from the time HR offers a candidate a position to a new hire’s first day on the job. HR can manage hiring tasks electronically, including offer letters, background checks, drug screening, E-Verify, new hire forms including I-9, W-4, and more. The result is an efficient and compliant hiring process that delivers a great experience for HR professionals and candidates alike. It’s delivered via software as a service (SaaS) so it’s available online, anytime and anywhere there’s an Internet connection. 

How Does TalentWise Work with HR’s Existing Systems?

The employee lifecycle consists of recruiting, hiring, and employing, and TalentWise picks up where recruiting leaves off. TalentWise Hire integrates seamlessly with applicant tracking systems on the front end, and talent management and payroll solutions on the back end. The result is a single hiring solution from the moment the offer letter is extended to the day the new hire is productive in their role. 

How Does TalentWise Support its Customers?

As a TalentWise customer, you are provided a dedicated on-shore Client Services team that supports you and your candidates. Your team is directly accessible via email address and a toll-free phone number, connecting you to a support specialist, not an automated phone system. And we answer over 90 percent of all phone calls within three rings.

TalentWise customers further benefit from our internal Compliance team, who monitor for regulatory changes and proactively notify you to help ensure your hiring is compliant at all times. Our compliance experts also discuss your organization’s needs upon request.