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Just One Platform Does It All

One platform, one user interface, one invoice, one vendor, one support team. Result? One great experience for everyone!

With TalentWise Hire, HR professionals and hiring managers alike experience a more efficient, more consistent hiring process with every candidate. Candidates and new hires know where they stand throughout the process, and can conveniently view and complete all forms online. Who wouldn’t want that?

The TalentWise Hire platform was built from the ground up by some of the software industry's most esteemed engineers, in concert with some of the most influential leaders in HR and our own experts in process management. This powerful platform automates every step that an organization could possibly encounter in the hiring process. This makes TalentWise the one company that can serve all of your hiring needs — from selecting, screening, to onboarding new hires — and in complete compliance.

Quite possibly, the most configurable HR solution ever built

We've heard of HR customers asking solution providers, "Why should I have to adjust to fit you? Why should you need to rely on my company's IT department to get it working? And why does set-up take so long?"

At TalentWise, we engineered our own platform to ensure that we can adapt our services to meet your needs — not the other way around. We'll get you up and running quickly and easily, without the need to rely on your IT team to make it all happen. Now that's a great experience!

By hosting our Solutions on the online TalentWise Hire platform, we can deliver a specific hiring solution that meets your very unique needs, regardless of:

  • Organization size: Whether you’re a small, mid-sized or enterprise-sized business, we have solutions to match. And we can grow right along with you as your needs evolve.
  • Industry: Whether it’s transportation, healthcare, retail or any other industry — we can tailor our solutions to your hiring needs.
  • Your chosen partners: From Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), to Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), to Document Management Systems that include payroll — we can seamlessly integrate with many existing applications.
  • Whenever you need help: Throughout the hiring process, whether it’s selecting or screening candidates or onboarding new hires, you can access our solutions online, 24/7.

But that's not all. Because we built the TalentWise Hire platform from the ground up, one of the biggest benefits to you is just how quick and easy it is to get you set up. We're talking days-toa-few-weeks here, instead of weeks-to-months, and requiring minimal-to-zero assistance from your IT department. And once you’re up and running, your dedicated TalentWise team will be here for you at every turn, although our solutions are so easy to use that you may never need us!

A closer look at what you can expect from TalentWise

  • An easy to use, web-based interface that’s accessible anytime, anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • A candidate portal where the branding, content and experience are managed through simple self-service tools. As candidates and new hires move through the hiring process this content can change and grow, from the offer letter to the benefits package, including video and social media capabilities.
  • An HR-friendly report that translates industry jargon into language that anyone can understand.
  • A tightly managed, automated and compliant workflow where compliance is built into every workflow to ensure that you haven’t missed any steps or inadvertently typed in any errors. TalentWise Hire solutions are kept current with automatic updates, so you can be confident that you’re working with the most up-to-date government policies pertinent to your organization. The hiring process is kept consistent, so that it can be repeated by you or any other user with the proper permissions.
  • A secure hiring document management system where hiring and onboarding forms are stored and filed securely, yet are quickly accessible by personnel with the proper user permissions.
  • Access via all major browsers, mobile devices and tablets.
  • Supports SAML-based single sign-on that gives you full control over the authorization and authentication of user accounts and services.
  • Role-based access to different levels of TalentWise Hire. For example, an HR Generalist will see a different view than a Hiring Manager, a candidate or a new hire.
  • Sensitive data kept private and secure as customer data is securely stored in our own hardware, on our own network. Sensitive data is encrypted, and access to such data is tightly controlled by network and application-layer restrictions. The infrastructure that houses your customer data is audited as part of our PCI compliance data environment, and therefore meets all data security requirements set forth by the PCI DSS.