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Who Knew It Could Be This Easy?

Some HR professionals are so busy enduring the overly complex process called hiring that they don't even have time to imagine how it could be better. That's where we come in.

Get time back with fewer resources

For most organizations, the hiring process takes up way too many resources, with lots of different hands managing many stacks of paperwork: sorting, filling out, signing, collating, copying, printing, mailing, faxing, and filing. With the TalentWise Solutions, forms are electronic so many fields are pre-populated and data entry becomes minimal to non-existent.

Be confident you are compliant

The more paperwork and manual entry you must endure, the less confident you become that you're managing a fully compliant hiring process. The idea of missing an important step, recording an error, or misplacing a form can be pretty scary sometimes, for you and the rest of your organization. With the TalentWise Solutions, we guide you through the hiring process so that you won't miss a step, and if something isn't quite right, we'll alert you before it's too late. We keep you automatically up to date with the ever-changing government regulations with which you must comply. All your forms will be organized and filed securely, yet can be accessed easily whenever you need them. 

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    TalentWise Hire™

    From the time you offer a candidate a job until your new hire is fully engaged, this is the only solution you'll need to select, screen, and onboard new hires.

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    TalentWise Comply™

    A simpler and more consistent way to maintain compliance with government regulations or corporate policy, from hiring through ongoing employment.

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    FastTrack™ Screening

    The fastest, easiest way for small businesses to conduct background checks and occupational health screenings, on-demand and without compromising quality.