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Deliver a compelling new hire experience

New employees experience TalentWise onboarding services through a content-rich online portal, where they can get up to speed and hit the ground running starting day one.

  • Complete and sign forms electronically.
  • Review the employee handbook and corporate policies.
  • Access your benefits.
  • Learn more about the company through social media and video.
  • Compliant, efficient, cloud-based service with centralized visibility and management.
  • Ability to tailor new-hire experience based on brand, division, and position.
  • Fully electronic delivery and management of standard government and the company's new-hire forms.
  • Enjoyable, productive online experience for new hires.
  • By accelerating and simplifying onboarding, you maintain focus on high-value tasks.
  • Promote a vital connection of new hires with their role within the company's vision and mission.
  • Ensure compliance with governmental and company-specific regulations and practices.
  • Maintain the momentum of enthusiasm as new employees start working.

TalentWise Hire™ Ultimate is your end-to-end hiring solution.

Transform your hiring process with ease and flexibility, from offer to onboard. In addition to Form I-9 and E-Verify, TalentWise Hire Ultimate adds eOffer letters and an extensive library of standard and custom eForms including direct deposit, emergency contact, equal employment opportunity, W-4, W-9, and more than 120 State Tax Withholding Forms. TalentWise makes it easier for you to get your new hires up and running starting day one, and to keep them excited about their new jobs thanks to the great experience you've provided for them.

TalentWise Hire Ultimate also enables additional hiring document retention so you can store documents created outside of the platform, such as your company’s unique health, dental, life, disability, and 401K enrollment forms. This capability provides you with a single digital file for each candidate, eliminating your paper records, saving you time, and improving compliance.

TalentWise Hire Ultimate has set the industry high bar in hiring process management, providing HR professionals the ultimate combination of workflow automation and flexibility. Turnkey solutions won’t work for every organization. If you’re looking for custom reports, custom exports, or just want to have a competitive edge in the hiring process, Ultimate is the solution to meet your needs.

For more information on TalentWise Hire solutions, or to schedule a demo, please contact a TalentWise representative today at 1.877.893.1665 or We look forward to helping you transform screening and onboarding.