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TalentWise Comply

We Can’t Stop You from Being Audited...

But We Can Help Ensure that You Pass with Flying Colors.

The TalentWise® Solutions deliver a simpler and more consistent way to hire compliantly and manage your employees' ongoing compliance needs.

You know how important it is for your organization to be compliant throughout the hiring process. If government forms contain any errors or can't be found quickly, fines can add up fast—in fact, organizations have been fined $10.4 million from ICE I-9 audits in 2011 alone.* Not to mention that government is getting more watchful—the occurrence of ICE audits is five times greater now than it was just three years ago.* Additionally, if corporate policy isn't followed consistently, your company could be exposed to legal risk. Whether it pertains to industry, government regulations or corporate policy, we've got you covered.

Compliance built-In

You can be confident in the knowledge that your organization is compliant, as TalentWise has built compliance into all our solutions, ensuring that you're not missing any steps and that your data is accurate. And you can be rest assured that you will quickly find any and all of your forms stored in our secure, online environment. It's like having your very own locked filing cabinet, without the worry of keeping it organized or the data in it safe—it's already taken care of for you.  

Compliance experts at your service

TalentWise works closely with the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) and continuously monitors employment laws and regulations throughout all 50 states to ensure that our clients have the most up-to-date information to remain in compliance. We have a dedicated staff of internal compliance experts whose job it is to proactively notify our clients of any regulatory changes. As a TalentWise client, you'll have access to a complete set of federal, state, local and industry compliance-centric online tools and resources, as well as access to any of our compliance experts to discuss your company's current compliance needs.

Gain full visibility with real-time reporting

As your system of record for compliant pre-employment and post-hire processes, TalentWise compliance solutions offer full transparency of information. To facilitate speedy, successful audits, you can give auditors temporary system accounts so that they can review your compliance performance directly. By using the solutions, TalentWise customers are saving up to 90 percent of the costs of preparing audits.

The compliance solutions' reporting capabilities remove report building from your to-do list. Real-time reporting tells you where your random testing and other programs stand at any moment, including exemptions and their approvals. Reports follow the DOT's MIS standards and cater to your needs for presentation, data ranges, and frequency. You can download reports in a variety of formats from the TalentWise online environment for further processing or compliance planning.

  • Updated regulations, rules, and requirements built into the solution.
  • Automated workflows and notifications.
  • Extensive real-time reporting.
  • Ensure reliable, prompt, and complete compliance at all times.
  • Reduce the need for manual intervention and take necessary steps on time.
  • Verify and plan compliance with full visibility for company representatives and auditors.
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